Adult Sunday School Teaching Schedule - Summer Quarter

 June, July, August 2017


God’s Urgent Call



DATE                    Unit I:  Called to Be Strong                          TEACHER   


      4                     Deborah and Barak                                       Min. Riley  

    11                    Gideon’s Call                                                  Sis. Yarborough

    18                    Jephthah’s Answer and Call                        Rev. McMillan

    25                    Sampson’s Call                                               Rev. Davis



                              Unit II:   Calling of Prophets 


      2                     Moses and the Burning Bush                       Min. Riley

      9                     Isaiah in the Temple                                      Sis. Yarborough

    16                    Jeremiah’s Call and Commission                Rev. McMillan              

    23                     The Call of Ezekiel                                       Min. Riley

    30                    The Call of Amos                                          Rev. Davis


                              Unit III:  Calling in the New Testament           


      6                     Called to Serve                                               Min. Riley  

    13                    Called to Break Down Barriers                   Rev. McMillan

    20                    Called to Proclaim Christ                             Sis. Yarborough

    27                    Called to a Wider Outreach                          Rev. Davis





                  ***If there are any changes, please contact Rev. Davis – Thank you***