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A Closer Look At Holy Week_WWIDA Fathers Legacy_Like Father Like Son

A Person After Gods Own HeartAre You Giving God Your Very Best

Are You Settling For Less Than God Calls You To BeAspects of A Serious Prayer Warrior

Back On Track__Road TripBack On Track_I Give Myself Away

Blessed Assurance_The Much More of SalvationChristian Empowerment_A Vision of Heaven in 2011

Christian Empowerment_Taking It To The Next LevelChristmas_The Celebration of A Spirit

Comprehending and Hosting a MiracleComprending and Hosting a Miracle

Could Jesus Build His Church On YouDelve Into 2012 Pt 3_Back to the Basics

Delve Into 2012 Pt2Delve Into 2012_Back to the Basics[Christianity 101]

Did You Wash Your HandsDo You Know Who Jesus Is

Do You Remember What He Has Done For YouFully Understanding The New Deal

Galilee_A Place Of No DoubtGetting Ready For Dinner

Giving Gifts To The One Who Has EverythingGiving_The Key to Contentment

Got FruitHave You Dropped Your Anchor__A Faith Like Enoch

Have You Got It Like ThatHave You Seen Jesus

He Is Risen_Now WhatHoly Communion_Move A Little Closer To The Lord

I Am Still HungryPrayer_The Key to A Healthy Countenance

Season of Celebration.mp3Season of Celebration_The Reason The Season The Celebration

Season of Celebration_The Reason The Season The Celebration_PremessageWho Died And Made You Judge

Worshipping In Spirit On One of Gods Special DaysWho Died And Made You Judge

Worshipping In Spirit On One of Gods Special DaysPrayer Changes Things

Provisions of The CrossArmour Up So You Can Stand

A Season of Sensing The Power of God Pt1A Season of Sensing The Power of God Pt2

A Season of Sensing The Power of God Pt3funeral_Bo Knows_02

MinRiley__Following The Lord While Being Still in The Present TimeRevMc_Following The Lord__The Lord Is Worth Following

A Season of Sensing The Power of God Pt4A Season of Sensing The Power of God Pt5__Jesus or Me

Easter 2014__Seized By The Easter MomentCommunion__An Opportunity To Send Up Some Timber

Intercessory Prayer__When Mothers PrayMaking Preparation for Home Inspection Day

RevMc__Looking At Life With An Eternal PerspectiveYou Can't Stand On Sinking Sand

Attributes of A Great FatherMinRiley__Its Working Out For Your Good

Its My Desire Pt1Its My Desire Pt2

RevMc__God Chaser_Following Hard After GodIts My Desire Pt3

What The World Needs Now Pt1What The World Needs Now Pt2

What The World Needs Now Pt3Do You Know How To Handle The Giants In Your Life

MinRiley_Its Time To Clean Gods TempleDo You Know How To Handle The Giants In Your Life__Pt2

Something About The Name JESUSWhat Does God Really Require of Me

Are You Souled OutGourmet Eating__Jesus Paid It All

Are You Ready To Go To The Next LevelAre You Ready To Go To The Next Level__No One Left Behind

Pastor Appreciation_10262014You Are What You Eat (Revisited)

Sticking To Your Diet.mp3Christian Living In A Pretentious World PT1__But God

Christian Living In A Pretentious World PT2Chrisitian Living In A Pretentious World Pt3

Christian Living In A Pretentious World PT4RevMcMillan__Think On These Things

A New Day A Tested Way_2015Bridging The Spiritual Divide

MinRiley__Winning The Battle Thru PrayerThe War We Are In

Let A Man Examine HimselfThe Trial of Your Faith__RevMcMillan

Profitting From Prophecy__But If NotProfitting From Prophecy__The War We Are In Is Fought From Within

Profitting From Prophecy__Attaching To EternityMinRiley__You Talk That Talk But Do You Walk That Walk

Profitting From Prophecy__The Handwriting is on The WallProfiting from Prophecy__Set up To Get up

Profiting from Prophecy__Just a Little Talk With JesusGod Is Still on the Throne__(GIST)

Mindset for Miracles__I Will Trust In The LordMother_Gods Love Translated

Properly Using Gods StuffWhat Would Jesus Do__MinRiley.mp3

Benefits of Properly Using Gods StuffCommunion_The Greatest Display of Love of All Time

What Do You See When You Look At MeRevMc_A Call To Obedience

Communion__A Chance for Intimate Dialogue With the Lord Pt1Church Folk__A Chance for Intimate Dialogue With the Lord Pt2

That I May Know Him_A Chance for Intimate Dialogue With the Lord Pt3MinRiley__The Storm Is Coming

In Pursuit of A Perfect Communion With GodIt Is No Secret(What God Can Do)

RevMcMillan_Do You Have What It Takes To Finish The RaceIf God Be For Us__We Can Find Rest

If God Be For Us__What A Friend We Have In JesusMinRiley__Examine Your Soil

Perspectives On Hope Pt2__The Christian Thing To DoRevMcMillan__What Giants Are You Facing

Remembering Jesus_Simple Guidelines for Gods PeopleGuideLines For Gods People Pt2_This Little Light of Mine

Guidelines For Gods People Pt3_In All Things Give ThanksTis The Season

MinRiley_Abiding In ChristThe Christmas Spirit_Essence of the Celebration

Fully LEAN in 2016_Preparation for a New BeginningFully Lean In 2016_Beginning Again

RevMillan__Stay The CourseFully Lean In 2016_On The Right Road Now

In The End I Agree With GodAre You Hungry Enough for a Revival

MinRiley__God Tests Our FaithIts a Family Affair

Its a Family Affair PT2The Road To Calvary Pt 1__Lord Is It I

The Road To Calvary Pt2__Must Jesus Bear The Cross AloneThe Road To Calvary Pt3__Were You There

The Road To Calvary Pt4__Empowered By The CrossUnfinished Business_Remembering Jesus

RevMc_The Secret Place of the Most HighBetween Calvary and Pentecost_Pt1

Between Calvary and Pentecost Pt2Between Calvary and Pentecost_pt3

Between Calvary and Pentecost_Pt5MinRiley_The Fight For Your Freedom

Old New and Now_In Times Like TheseGlory of the Gospel

RevMc__Natural Carnal or SpiritualGreat Fathers Struggle With The Lord

We Come This Far By Faith__Now WhatA Faith Like That__Valeree Daye Funeral

A Faith Like That__Valeree Daye Funeral _ FULLYet Another Opportunity

Anchor of My Soul_FUNERAL_GarrettBridgesRide Out The Storm

Does Your PLAN for Your TIME Start with HOPELord Have Mercy

Where TRUTH is absent FEAR lives FAITH failsRevMcMillan_A Time To Remember Lest We Forget

The Christian Goal__Experiencing The Power of Perpectual PraiseMinRiley_Living The Christian Life _Every Believers Struggle

Lets Take The Plea DealKingdom Living__I Know A Place

RevMcMillan_How Is Your Walk.mp3Philosophy of Gods Sovereign Power_Greater Than That

The Communion of SaintsDivine Encounters

The Bittersweet Leading of GodPastor Appreciation__MinRiley_RevMcMillan

DIvine Encounter(2)_One With The LordI Know A Place(A Place Called Certain)

Dont Wonder About HimAnticipating Hope Pt2_Implementing A New Strategy for 2017

MinRiley_The Potters ClayScripture SOUP for the SOUL

Maybe God Is Trying To Tell Us Something

Gods Mechanism of ProvisionWhats In A Meal

MinRiley_Failure may be in journey but its not the destinationConsidering the cost of HOPE

Hope At The TableAm I In The Middle

RevMcMillan_Tree of RighteousnessLent_A Season for Reflection

A Season of Reflection Pt2What Time Is It and Who Is This

What Time Is It and What ThingsWhy Are You Crying and Who Are You Looking For

What Time Is It and Have Ye Any MeatSource of Substance

RevMcMillan_Gods Promises Power and PurposeAlmost To Pentecost Pt1

Preparation for ServicePentecost_Empowered For Purpose

When Was The Last Time You Moved A MountainCharacteristics of A Real Man

RevMcMillan_Are You A Witness For The LordDo You Have A Faith Like That

Considering A Boundless God_Whats in Your CupThe Secret To Contentment

Do You Have Power Like ThatRevMc_The Power and Authority of the Believer

Are You All That God Calls You To BeWhose Voice Do You Hear

Walking In Your CallingMinRiley_There Is a War Going On

Called Chosen and FaithfulCommunion_Reflect Confess Pray

Perfecting Fellowship_The Most Important ThingRevMcMinRiley_Gods Love.MP3millan_Having Fellowship with God

Perfecting Fellowship_The Most Important Thing 2Accepting a Mission from God

Empowered for the MissionMinRiley_Gods Love

Completing the MissionNothing But The Blood (In The Middle)

Pastor Appreciation 2017HERE and NOW

More LoveINSIGHT into A Mystery

The Battle Within Is Part of The War We Are InRevMc_In Time On Time

Trilology of Miracles_Something for everyoneSinging A New Song In 2018

Singing A New Song In 2018 pt2MinRiley_Walking In The Spirit

Now Is The Time_For Me To Live Is ChristLet This Mind Be In You

Stand Fast In The Lord.MP3Are You a Prisoner of Life or A Prisoner of The Lord

RevMcmillan_ Jesus Will Calm Your StormThe Theory of Everything (Fully Persuaded)

The Theory of Everything (complete in him)What Are You Wearing

What Are You Wearing Pt2   RevRiley_Building On The Foundation

A Memory_A Moment_A MysteryHolding Onto The Moment

crm_Hold Onto The Moment But Get Involved in the MovementPassion_Pardon_Power